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Custom wood plank floors are truly authentic, and the possibilities of species, widths, length, colors, grade, and layout are nearly endless!  It can be overwhelming.

Lines, shapes, colors, textures, and spaces are some elements of design.  By using basic principles of design– rhythm, proportion, emphasis, balance, and unity, you can create a space that works.

Some frequent questions we hear are, “will the dark floors make my room feel smaller?   Will the wider boards chop the room up?”  The number one thing I ask is what type of feeling you want to create, and what your lifestyle is.  Maybe you want to maintain an architectural design—Spanish Colonial or Beaux-Arts, say…  Maybe you want to go very formal…  or add comfort and warmth to a very modern background.  Do you want your floors to be the backdrop or focal point in defining the areas?

More simply, some things to consider in your floor that affect the design are:

Grain   •   Color Family   •   Knots – Character   •   Multiple Widths or All One Width   •   Which Width   •   Wearability  •   Budget

Once we help to answer some of these, we can make samples and work from there to create the perfect floor that meets your specific needs!


We offer a wide variety of wood flooring, solid, engineered, un-finished, and finished—all meeting differing budgetary demands and design parameters.  These are custom, so it is typically a process of choosing what’s right for you through samples, photos, education.  Should you wish to install your own floor, we assure you complete support through the process so your floor meets your end design vision and is stable for life.  Should you have another floor you love, we will happily install that as well.

Installation & Finishing

Years of experience, creativity, respect for your space and the natural resource we are using are all parts of the installation and finishing process.  We feel it is very important to communicate up-front what your options are and educating you on the process so there are no “surprises” later on!

Step #1 is determining the proper sub floor, vapor barrier, and height restrictions so we know which methods are best.

Step #2 is scheduling with other trades and offloading / stacking your floors to acclimate.

Step #3 is installing, scattering end joints and widths appropriately for your space.

Step #4 is sanding as needed, and finishing.

There are a wide variety of on-site finish options.  We work with you to make sure the finish system we use meets your live-on needs.  Stain, oil, modified waterborne combination is our most popular, along with hard-waxes!

We pride ourselves in our educated and artistic approach to making the end result exactly as you envision.

Re-Finishing & Repairs

If your floors are old or worn, or you’re just tiered of the existing color, re-finishing is a great option!  Should you have had water damage, too, we have encountered many situations over the years and can confidently assess and fix your floor.  If we cannot or don’t advise it due to another reason (e.g.: source of damage not fixed), it is important for you to know that too.